TrANTsferred to ANT AcademyEdit

TrANTsferred to ANT Academy is The First Episode In Season 4 Of ANT Farm, It will Friday May 31st, 2015. This episode showed a new intro, and the revealing that Cameron, Chyna Parks' brother is no longer returning to the show.Edit


When Webster High Closes Down Chyna, Fletcher, Olive, & Angus Get Transferred to ANT Academy In France.Lexi & Paisley Get Jealous And Try And Sneak In Into The Academy While Cameron Get Mistaken as An ANT And Gets A Weird Roomate And Darryl Has A Small Problem With The Hotel Room Its To Small So He Trys And Changes it And Wont Make The Office Find Out. This is wrong. What about z tech


Guest Stars:

  • Mateo Arias as JJ Jasper 
  • Jill Benjamin as Mrs Garner
  • John Henson as Fletcher Dad  
  • Leigh Allyn Baker as Fletcher Mom
  • Mindy Sterling as Susan Skidmore
  • Jack Griffo as Garrett The Weird Roomate 


TrANTsferred to ANT Academy
Season 4, Episode 1
Air date August 25,2013
Written by Z13
Directed by Z13
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