The Jealous ANTs
Season 3, Episode 5
Air date September 2, 2012
Written by TheCoreyyDarnell
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The Jealous ANTs is the 5th episode in season 3 of A.N.T. Farm. It'll air on September 2, 2012.


Chyna catches Fletcher looking lovingly at Olive. She gets jealous. When she confronts her, she asks if she has feelings for him. Olive says she always did, infuriating Chyna. She tells her that she's dating him. They end up asking Fletcher to choose between the 2, and he simply says neither, effectively ending Chyna and Fletcher's relationship, and they go back to being friends. Meanwhile, Antonio asks Paisley how to get advice on how to ask Olive out. He tries to get alone time with her, and almost succeeds, but Angus comes in and tags along to make sure it doesn't happen at all.


  • Antonio makes his 3rd appearance (second in this season) in this episode..
  • This is the second time Paisley is seen without Lexi.
  • Carlon Jeffery as Cameron Parks is absent in this episode.