TANTrum Girl
Season 2, Episode 3
Tantrum girl
Air date February 25, 2011
Written by Livetosinger and FashionGal
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cANT Get a Date
MeANT For Me
tANTrum Girl is the 3rd episode in the 2nd season of A.N.T Farm. It is the 31st overall. It is scheduled to premiere on February 18, 2012.


Olive tries to create a candy bar for a big science fair, but things go wrong when it makes her throw tantrums about everything. Fletcher and Chyna try to figure out how to stop her. Meanwhile, Lexi meets her bratty cousin for the first time.


When Olive gets stressed out while inventing her own candy bar for a science fair project, but things get a little crazy when she starts throwing random tantrums all the time. Chyna and Fletcher must find away to make her stop, while Lexi tries to put up with her annoying cousin.


  • Carlon Jeffery, who plays Cameron Parks, is absent in this episode.
  • Elizabeth Dampier as Lexi's cousin.

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