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Ant fram season 4 will come out soon p.s. China and that dude is going to date If you have an animal jam send me some thing my username is flowerpower159


Main Cast:Edit

China Anne McClain as Chyna ParksEdit

Sierra McCormick as Olive DoyleEdit

Stefanie Scott as Lexi ReedEdit

new episodes for season 4 start in october

Carlon Jeffrey as Cameron ParksEdit

Allie Deberry as Paisley HoundstoothEdit

Finnese Mitchell as Darryl Parks CEdit

roshoun reggae as Quin Andre

Kaiya Jones as Taylor PepeEdit

Jack Griffo as Garrett Jayson (Main In Third Episode)Edit

Recurring Cast:Edit

Aedin Micks as Angus Chestnut  Edit

Austin North as Holland TimmonsEdit

Mindy Sterling as Susan SkidmoreEdit

Leigh Allyn Baker as Fletcher's MomEdit

John Henson as Fletcher's DadEdit

Jason Earles as Justin QuimbyEdit

T'Keyah Crystal Keymah as Chyna's MomEdit

Claire Engler as Violet ViolentEdit

Mateo Arias as JJ JasperEdit

Cameron Boyce as Derrick JonesEdit

Caroline Sunshine as Olivia ReedEdit


Chyna, Fletcher, Olive, Paisley, Lexi & Darryl Are Back For The Fourth Season And As They Go To a New Boarding School Called The A.N.T Academy (Execpt For Darryl) They Find New Talents And New Ways To Explore Life And  All There Personalitys Change And Start Meet New People Who Are Like Them.                 


Confimed Episodes:Edit

1.TrANTsferred To ANT Academy PD:August 25,2014Edit

2. AgANT Antics PD:September 1,2014Edit

3.Good RomANTs Pt 1 PD:September 8,2014Edit

4.Good RomANTs Pt 2 PD:September 9,2014 Edit

5.Pair Of ANTs PD:September 15,2014Edit

6. Fletcher's DANTsing PD:September 22,2014 Edit

7.ANT Infestations PD:September 29,2014Edit

8.Big Time CounchilANTS PD:Oct.6,2014Edit

9.MutANT Farm 3 PD:October 13,2014Edit

10.ZaliANTs PD:October 20,2014Edit

11.CriminANTs Before Halloween PD:October 27,2014 \Edit

12.Clones Of ANTs PD:Nov.3,2014 Edit

13.The TalANT Show PD:Nov.10,2014Edit

14.SuperANT PD:Nov.17,2014Edit

15.ANTlympics Pt 1PD:Nov.22,2014 Edit

15.ANTlympics Pt 2 PD:Nov.24,2014Edit

16.AlterANT Universe PD:Dec 1,2014Edit

17.Ultimate SANTa Jingle PD:Dec 8,2014Edit

18.Twas The Crime Before The SANTa Parade PD:Dec 15,2014 Edit

19.ANT Square On New Years Pt 1 PD:Dec 22,2014Edit

20.ANT Square On New Years Pt 2 PD:Dec 29,2014Edit

21.Nuclear PlANT PD:Jan 5,2014 Edit

22.The ANTernet PD:Jan 12,2014 Edit

23.The ANT Squad Pt 1 PD:Jan 19,2014Edit

24.The ANT Squad Pt 2 PD:Jan 26,2014Edit

25.The ANT Squad Pt 3 PD:Feb 1,2014 Edit

26.Doctor PatANT PD:Feb,9,2014Edit

27.ValANTines Day PD:Feb 16,2014 Edit

28.Love PotiANT PD:Feb.23,2014 Edit

29.ResterANTeurs Agency PD:Mar 2,2014Edit

30.ChANTs Of Summer Pt 1 PD:Mar 9,2014Edit

31.ChANTs Of Summer Pt 2 PD:Mar 16,2014Edit

ANT Farm Movie: TBDEdit

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