sANTs is NOT Coming to Town
Season 1, Episode 22
Air date December 23, 2011
Written by FashionGal
Episode guide
Good-bye, from the ANT Farm?
DisadvANTages of New Year's
SANTa is NOT Coming to Town is the 22st episode in Season 1 of A.N.T. Farm. It premiered on Decmber 23, 2011.


The Christmas part is finally here! They have a great party, until the party gets ruined. They decide that they need to work together to fix the mess. After fixing the mess, they all sleep at their houses and go to a party at school to celebrate Christmas morning.



  • This is an hour-long special.
  • This is a Christmas special.
  • This is the "sequel" episode to sANTs's Waiting.

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