New York, New ChANTces
Season 2, Episode 15
Creepy connie
Air date May 18, 2012
Written by TheCoreyyDarnell
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New York, New ChANTces is the 15th episode in season 2 of A.N.T. Farm. It's the 42nd episode overall. It'll air on May 18, 2012.


The ANTs go on a field-trip to New York, where they run into Jessie and the Ross kids at Central Park. Emma, Zuri, and Ravi all befriend Chyna and Olive. While Luke automatically dislikes Cameron. Luke gets a crush on Chyna, but Olive has one on him. Meanwhile, the one-and-only Creepy Connie Thompson returns to finally get Luke to date her. But, when she does and he says he likes Chyna, Connie is now out to destroy Chyna. Later, Chyna gets a record deal after singing at the park


  • This is a crossover episode with Jessie.
  • Chyna didn't accept the record producing deal, which wasn't in the episode, but was revealed by the writers
  • Sierra McCormick played 2 roles in this episode. She played Olive (from A.N.T. Farm), and she played Creepy Connie (from Jessie). Olive and Creepy Connie even met and interacted in the episode.