Scene 1: CafeteriaEdit

Written by IndieLOL11

Paisey: (Walking with Lexi with food) I can't wait for my cousin, Alfitcher to visit!

Lexi: Paisey, his name is Alfredo. You have told me a million times and you still don't remember yourself. Stop paying attention to him. He's not even here. Focus on me! Look, I got a $45 manicure last week and it still looks brand new!

(enters Chyna and Olive)

Chyna: So, Paisley, I heard that your cousin is coming to San Fransico from Spain.

Olive: I've got a cousin from Portugal. Intresting factoid.

(everyone groans)

Olive: ​Spain and Portugal share the Iberian Peninsula, a vaguely square-shaped realm at the far southwestern edge of Europe.

Chyna: So, what's his name?

Lexi: Alfredo! What a stupid name!

Olive: You know, I think I read something about the name Alfredo before. Alfredo as a boy's name is a variant of Alfred which is Old Eng- (Chyna puts her hand over Olive's mouth)

Lexi: Come on, Paisley. The last thing want to do at lunch is learn!

(exits Lexi and Paisley)

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Scene 2: A Hedge MazeEdit

Gibson: (holding a rope with the ANTs on the side) OK, everyone! We all must stick together, so no-one gets lost (whispers) and so I don't get fired! So, that is why I bought Super Glue! (starts rubbing glue on the rope) Now everyone, put your hands back on the rope.

(Fletcher reaches for the rope, Chyna slaps his hand away)

Chyna: Gibson, there is no way we are doing that.

Gibson: Why not? It's perfectly safe! Look!

(slaps his hand on the rope, tries to pull it off)

Gibson: Someone help me!

(all the ANTs pull on Gibson's hand)

Angus: Step aside, rookies. Let me show you how a pro does it.

(Leans on Gibson's arm, Gibson's hand comes off the rope)

Gibson: (screams, stops and clears his throat) See, completely safe!

(ANTs exit without Gibson)

Gibson: Hey, wait up!

(Gibson faints)

Scene 3: Webster High hallwaysEdit

(All the girls crowded around the School Doors, enters Lexi and Paisley)

Lexi: What are all the girls doing?

Paisley: (gasps) SLUMBER PARTY!

(Jumps into the crowd of girls, exits Crowd of Girls)

Alfredo: Paisley, it's me. Alfredo.

Paisley: (gasps) Wilfredo!

(Hugs Alfredo, Lexi clears her throat)

'P'aisley: Alberto, meet my best friend Lexi.

(Alfredo and Lexi's eyes meet, love at first sight)

Alfredo: Hola, preciosa (Takes Lexi's hand and kisses it). Encantado de conocerte.

Lexi: Hi, I'm uhhh....(Lost in his eyes, holding his hand) Trixie.

Paisley: (Whispers to Alfredo) Her name is Lexi, Eldredo.

Alfredo: Well, I've got to get to homeroom. No-one even knows I'm here. I will see you later, Paisley. And I will definately see you later, Lexi, or should I say, Preciosa?

(Lexi giggles, exits Alfredo)

Lexi: (Snatches phone from Paisley) I have to go online and find out what that means.

(Sees what it means)

Lexi: (Giggles and faints)

Paisley: (Takes phone back and sees what it means) Aww, he called you beautiful!

(exits Paisley)

Scene 4: A Hedge MazeEdit

(Chyna, Olive and Fletcher)

Olive: Guys, why are we away from the group? We need to stay safe.

Chyna: Oh, please! How would we be safe? We didn't even have a proper teacher with us when we arrived.

Fletcher: This will only take a second. I read online that there is a rare teal blue stone buried somewhere in here. The reason I want it is because if you heat it in the mircowave for 3 hours, it will turn into rare turquoise paint, that I can use in my next painting! So, Chyna, would you mind wearing blue that day?

Olive: Fine. The sooner we get out of the grass horror, the better!

Fletcher: Great! I have the tools we'll need!

(Pulls out pink, blue and purple spades and a bucket)

Olive: (gasps) Dibs on the pink one!

Scene 5: Webster High hallways Edit

(Lexi and Alfredo walk down the steps, holding hands)

Alfredo: Lexi, you are very charming. ¿Quieres cenar juntos esta nocheLexi: (giggles) One second.

(Turns around and grabs out a Spanish- English dictionary)

Lexi: Aww, I would love to go out to dinner. Where?

Alfredo: Un lugar Uptown Sushi grande.

(Turns around again and looks in dictionary)

Lexi: Aww, I love sushi. That would be great!

(enters Paisley, pulls Lexi to a side)

Paisley: Looks like things are going good for you and Alfredas.

Lexi: Yeah! He just asked me to go get sushi after school. I'd ask him if you could come to, but I want to be alone with him.

Paisley: Oh! I get it!

(exits Paisley, Lexi goes back to Alfredo)

Alfredo: Now, ¿puedo tener un pequeño beso?

(Lexi looks in the dictionary)

Lexi: Yes!

(Leans to kiss him, the bell rings, all the big kid come out of class, Lexi and Alfredo get pulled away from each other)

Lexi: (shouting) I'll see you later!