Infinity and Beyond is a song featured in crossover episode, VictoriANTs. It was performed by China Anne McClain featuring Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, Leon Thomas III, and Liz Gillies.


I have many aspirations

I want to fly

I want to shoot to the stars

And fly

To Infinity



And Beyond

I'm gonna let nature

Take it's course

I'm gonna fly

To Infinity

And beyond

Infinity and Beyond

I'm gonna fly there

I'm gonna make it

Shine so bright

That were gonna see it

from Infinity

Infinity, Infinity (infinity)

Infinity, Infinity (infinity)

Infinity, infinity (infinity)



  • In the show, it was written by Chyna, Tori, and Andre. But in reality, it was written by the creator of VictoriANTs.]]

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