The following is the episode guide for A.N.T. Farm. It premiered May 6, 2011. This is where anyone can contribute.


Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 26 June 17, 2011 2012
2 21 2012 TBA

Season 1: 2011-2012

No. Title Written by Original air date
1 "TalANT Start" FashionGal May 6, 2011

Chyna becomes the new girl at Webster High, and tries her best to become the popular crew with the ANTs.

2 "3 GrANTed Wishes" FashionGal June 17, 2011

A genie grants Chyna, Fletcher, and Olive each a wish, but it turns out to be a disaster. Meanwhile, Lexi, Paisley, and Cameron try to get into a private Katy Perry concert.

3 "EnchANTment" FashionGal June 24, 2011

Chyna and the gang watch a Cinderella movie for English class and fall asleep. They all dream a different fairy tale.

4 "A Little RomANTs" Flynalover July 1, 2011

Fletcher feels as if Chyna is ignoring him, so he then asks Olive how to make Chyna to like him more, but Olive refuses. Meanwhile, Cameron tries to woo Lexi.

5 "Let's Be ConfidANT" Flynalover July 8, 2011

Chyna has to recite a speech and perform an a original song at the Webster High battle of the schools. Chyna begins to become nervous about it, so Olive and Fletcher do crazy thing to try and help Chyna get rid of her stage fright. Meanwhile, Lexi is not allowed to compete in an important cheer competition that she has been practicing for years!

6 "TreatmANT" FashionGal July 15, 2011

When the 10th graders get special treatment from Ms.Skidmore, the ANTs try to get their treatment.

7 "My Weird ANT from New Jersey" FashionGal July 22, 2011

Fletcher's aunt, Aunt Kathy, comes from New Jersey to San Fransisco to see Fletcher. As far as Fletcher remembers, Aunt Kathy used to be a fun loving, candy giving, money giving aunt, but she became a weird, nosy person. The gang (Chyna, Olive, Fletcher, and Angus) try to figure out what made Aunt Kathy so WEIRD! Meanwhile Paisley and Lexi try to get Gibson to work for them for the cheerleader tryouts.

8 "Beauty PageANTs" FashionGal July 29, 2011

Lexi, Paisley, Olive, and Chyna enters a beauty pageant and Cameron, Angus, and Fletcher enter a male beeauty pageant for a prize of $10,000. Chyna does anything to win, Lexi trys just as hard.

9 "Electrifying pANTs" FashionGal August 18, 2011

The beauty pageant winners are announced. When a famous lothing line of pants go out, it goes SHOCKING! It makes everyone feel electricuted.

10 "DANTs with Charlie" FashionGal August 26, 2011

The Duncan's from Denver visit San Francisco and meet Chyna and the gang. Chyna and Olive get followed by Amy, who is asking Chyna for TV advice, Fletcher follows Gabe to set up pranks, Cameron hangs out with PJ to find some girls, Bob follows Chyna's dad at the biggest buffet in town, and Lexi and Paisley baby-sit Charlie. Then at the end, Lexi dances with Charlie.

11 "AnciANT Treasures" FashionGal September 16, 2011

The ANTs go on a special "A.N.T.s only" field trip to Jordan Valley Caves. Chyna and Olive find a treasure chest with ancient treausres. Angus tries to eat it, Fletcher tries to paint it, and Skidmore tries to sell it for her profits. They donate it to the Museum of Born History and they get special awards. Skidmore, who is jealous, tries to get an award herself and get a mention on WLCA. Skidmore isn't afriad to compete dirty for her prize. Meanwhile, Lexi and her new cheerleader friend, McKayla go to the mall where they get ancient golden earrings.

12 "ANTs Out of the Picture" FashionGal September 23, 2011

When Lexi creates a fake document for Skidmore, it kicks the A.N.T.s out of Webster High. Skidmore thinks that the document makes her rich, but really it was meant to expel the A.N.T.s. Meanwhile, the A.N.T.s have to try and get back into school before their parents find out, and Cameron tries to da

13 "Partying with the GiANTs" FashionGal September 30, 2011

Mrs. Reed tries to get Lexi, and the cheerleaders to bond with the A.N.T.s by throwing a party. Chyna, Olive, Fletcher, and Angus are displeased when they find out that they all have to spend more than an hour with each other, but they end up enjoying it. Meanwhile, Cameron tries to convince his teacher, Ms. Jones, to raise up his grade.

14 "ChANTers" FashionGal October 7, 2011

Chyna and Olive both try out for cheerleading while Fletcher tries out for basketball. All of them end up making it, and the A.N.T.s turn the cheerleading fundraiser to a "Freedom of A.N.T.s " program to try to get their freedom.

15 "ContestANTs" JessyPop October 14, 2011

Olive enters a contest called "Are You Smart Enough To Win $2,500?". She competes against Shavon, another student at Webster High. She turns out to be really smart, so Olive needs to study hard enough with Chyna and Fletcher all night but is it okay to study all night? Meanwhile, Cameron tries to be a popular sensation on the web with help from Angus and Cameron's dad.

16 "Halloween ANTics" FashionGal October 28, 2011

It's Halloween and the teens decide to host an annual Webster High Halloween Party. However, when A.N.T.s find out that they're not invited, they make their own Halloween party at an exclusive club downtown.

17 "IgnorANT Eliza" FashionGal November 4 , 2011

A new A.N.T. named Eliza who has a cooking talent joins the A.N.T. Farm. Strangely enough Eliza gets along with the teenagers, so Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher try to find out how Eliza gets to eat with the cheerleaders, hang out with the popular kids, and how she became one of them.

18 "ProtestANTs" FashionGal November 18 , 2011

.When Lexi makes a new strict student rule, seeks revenge. She decides to ruin her career of being student body president. Meanwhile, Olive tries to tutor Fletcher.

19 "ManagemANT of Turkeys" FashionGal November 25 , 2011

Webster High hosts a big Thanksgiving feast but it all goes wrong when the turkeys won't get delivered from the best turkey company, so the A.N.T.s try to help.

20 "sANTa's Waiting" FashionGal December 9 , 2011

Since Christmas is coming, the whole school gets ready for Christmas. Chyna handles music, Fletcher handles decorations, Olive handles speeches, Lexi handles costumes, Paisley handles food, and Angus handles lights and other features.

21 "Good-bye, from the ANT Farm?" FashionGal December 16, 2011

When Skidmore decides to fire a teacher to raise money for charity, she fires the A.N.T.s' favorite teacher, Ms. Jacobs. They realize that they have to do something to get her back. Meanwhile, Lexi and Paisley try to win a shopping spree at their favorite shopping store, Justify.

22 "sANTa is NOT Coming to Town" FashionGal December 23, 2011

The Christmas part is finally here! They have a great party, until the party gets ruined. They decide that they need to work together to fix the mess. After fixing the mess, they all sleep at their houses and go to a party at school to celebrate Christmas morning.

23 "DisadvANTages of New Year's" FashionGal December 30, 2011

Webster High decides to have a New Year's parade and arty. Chyna hears that there is a talent contest and decides to compete in it. Lexi finds out too, but she isn't afriad to play dirty. The prize is the become an actor/actress. Meanwhile, Cameron and Fletcher try to get a New Year's kiss. Olive is forred by Skidmore to recite many speeches.


"AbsANT Day" Flynalover January 6, 2012

When Olive, Fletcher, and Cameron catch a virus that's going around the school, Chyna bends over backwards to try and take care of the three of them. Meanwhile, Lexi helps Paisley study for a history exam.


"One FrANTic Night" Flynalover January 13, 2012

The A.N.T.s decide to throw a surprise party for Gibson for his tenth anniversary at Webester High. However, they break Skidmore's rule of staying at school past 7:00 PM. The lights suddenly shut off and the doors are all locked. What happens next? Meanwhile, Lexi and Paisely work at a new fast-food restaurant.


"IntelligANTs Is a Gift" Flynalover January 20, 2012

After a video of Olive reciting the dictionary goes viral, a high standard Australian school wants Olive to attend. Olive has to decide whether to leave her friends and the A.N.T. Farm, or live her dream and move to Australia. Meanwhile, Lexi gets jealous when Paisley hits her head and become the smartest teen in school.


"Cloudy With a ChANTs of Snow" Bongo9911 January 27, 2012

During school, a giant blizzard traps all of the students and all of the teachers, so they must stay there with only the food they have there until the storm is over. Meanwhile, Darryl gets kidnapped by burglars who attempt to bury him in the snow.


"Remember What's ImportANT" Flynalover February 4, 2012

Season 2: 2012


"Austin ANTics" FashionGal February 11, 2011

Fletcher gets jealous of Chyna's growing crush on Austin Moon when he visits San Francisco for a concert. Fletcher gets jealous. Meanwhile, Olive helps Ally write a new song. Dez and Angus try out new foods, and Lexi and Trish do some shopping.


"cANT Get a Date" Flynalover February 18, 2011

Chyna, Olive, Fletcher, Lexi, Cameron, Paisley, & Angus enter game show called "CANT Get a Date".


"TANTrum Girl" Livetosinger and FashionGal February 25, 2011

Olive tries to create a candy bar for a big science fair, but things go wrong when it makes her throw tantrums about everything. Fletcher and Chyna try to figure out how to stop her. Meanwhile, Lexi meets her bratty cousin for the first time.


"MeANT For Me" Livetosinger and FashionGal March 2, 2012

Chyna meets a new A.N.T., Josh, whose talent is sports. She later develops crush on him, making Fletcher jealous. Fletcher makes Olive bet Chyna. The bet is; if she can't get a date with Josh she has to go on a date with Fletcher. Chyna tries everything, but Fletcher keeps sabotaging her chances. Josh rejects, which means Chyna has to go on a date with Fletcher to the Pizza Palace. Meanwhile, Lexi finds out that Keith is cheating on her so she plots revenge and then tries to find a new guy.


"ValANTines Day" Cylover and FashionGal March 9, 2012

It's Valentine's Day at Webster High, and everyone in the A.N.T. Farm must go with someone to the Valentine's Day dance and give gifts. Unfortunately, everyone has a date to the dance except for Chyna, Olive, Fletcher, and Angus. Fletcher tries to ask Chyna but fails with Chyna's interruptions. Olive has no chance but to ask either Fletcher or Angus whom she both doesn't want to go with. Meanwhile, everyone at Webster High starts to treat Lexi like a princess.


"Olive's ExperimANTs" TheCoreyyDarnell March 16, 2012

Olive tries to create a theory. Unfortunately, she does so for weeks, and she gets to the point where she won't eat, sleep, or even leave the ANT Farm until she finishes that theory. Suprisingly, Lexi and Cameron try to coax her to give up. Meanwhile, Chyna, Fletcher, and Angus get help up at the airport waiting for Chyna's cousin to arrive. In the third plot, Paisley meets a lost boy at the movies and tries to get him back home. Later, Darryl tries to use Cameron's video camera, but breaks it. He spends the rest of the episode trying to get it fixed before he gets home.


"My Cousin ANTonio" TheCoreyyDarnell March 23, 2012

Chyna's mischevious cousin Antonio is visiting from Decatur. He gives the Parks trouble, and when he goes to the school he dumps pudding on the cheerleaders, breaks the only football Championship trophy, and steals lots of things. Chyna, Olive, Fletcher, Angus lets him tag along to a cheesecake factory for Angus' birthday.. Meanwhile, Cameron tries to get a date--and Lexi asks him to the movies (she lost a bet with Paisley). Now, she must endure a date with Cameron. In the end, the kids get out and see Adele in concert.


"VictoriANTs" Flynalover March 30, 2012

In a crossover episode with VicTORious, the gang from Hollywood Arts flies to San Fransisco to visit Cat's (Ariana Grande) uncles. After that, they're supposed to ride a train to meet them. But, Cat accidentally brought them to the wrong train station. They end up at a school.


"FrANTic RomANTic" Flynalover April 6, 2012

After Fletcher's first attempt at impressing Chyna, he decides he's ready to try again. He then ask Olive to help him make Chyna love him. Although, he ends up falling in love with her. Lexi and Paisley go to their favorite resturant and try speed-dating with some boys from Webster High. Cameron and his friend Danny try to see who can get a date first.


""Our Trip to FrANTs"" TheCoreyyDarnell April 13 , 2012

Webster High goes on a trip to Paris, in which Fletcher's art is seen by Xavier Monet, world famous artist. Meanwhile, Lexi and Paisley get jobs at a Parisian cafe. Later, Chyna and Olive get stuck at in a museum when a massive storm hits.


Chyna and Olive's Date with lANTs" TheCoreyyDarnell April 20 , 2012

Chyna and Olive both get infatuated with a new ANT named Lance who's exceptional in sculpting. He accepts a date with Chyna and Olive, only thinking they're hanging out. When they begin to fight over him in private, they end the date early. Later, Chyna and Olive discuss how to settle this without ruining their relationship. They go on another date and tells him to simply choose who he likes better. He denies both of them, saying he wasn't looking for a relationship. They end up leaving, to go shopping for textbooks and instruments. Meanwhile, Cameron and Fletcher become Dr. Phils when Paisley and Lexi get into a heated arguement.


"It's JustANT Bieber!" Prettybaby April 27, 2012
Chyna and Olive get tickets to see Justin Bieber in concert. But, as the day continues, they each keep getting assignments and tasks that take up a lot of time. At the end of the day, they end up both getting long assignments, and they both almost give up on the concert. Then. Darryl then tells them that he set up that long, hard day just to see if they'd crack. They then go to the concert, and during a random spotlight contest, Chyna and Olive get picked to come up on stage. They end up getting autographed CDs and free backstage passes. And since Chyna got it all on video, she spent at least a week bragging about it to Lexi.


"ApplicANTs" TheCoreyyDarnell May 4, 2012
Chyna and Olive both apply for the same job, but when they both get chosen for the position, they compete in various activities for it. Meanwhile, Fletcher, Cameron, Angus, and Paisley go to a LARPing party that's being held by Angus' cousin Adam.


"Fletcher's BriliANT Work Of Art"
May 11, 2012
Fletcher gets fed up with all the people not understanding his art, so he combines all their talants. Smartness from Olive, Musical from Chyna and computer smartness from Angus. It turns out to be a smart musical creative Robot. But when Angus tripped and spilled ice cream on the Robot, it it ends up being a controll freak and is starting to become evil. Chyna and Olive agrees to help Fletcher with this destructive robot. Meanwhile Cameron finally gets his drivers license.


"New York, New ChANTces"
May 18, 2012
The ANTs go on a field-trip to New York, where they run into Jessie and the Ross kids at Central Park. Emma, Zuri, and Ravi all befriend Chyna and Olive. While Luke automatically dislikes Cameron. Luke gets a crush on Chyna, but Olive has one on him. Meanwhile, the one-and-only Creepy Connie Thompson returns to finally get Luke to date her. But, when she does and he says he likes Chyna, Connie is now out to destroy Chyna. Later, Chyna gets a record deal after singing Unstoppable at the park.


"In a TrANTce"
May 25, 2012
When Olive gets tired of talking to Fletcher about his crush on Chyna, she resorts to hypnosis. She hypnotizes him to where whenever he hears the magic words, he have no attraction to Chyna whatsoever. But, the magic words, which is very common phrase, is said frequently throughout the episode. So, Olive tries to break the trance before it starts to affect him more than it already is. Meanwhile, Chyna hangs out with Paisley.


"BoilANT Point"
June 1, 2012
Chyna reaches her climax--she's sick and tired of Lexi's hostility toward her. Lexi becomes tired of Chyna--and decides to defeat her--once and for all. She ransacks Chyna's house, and finds embarrasing videos of her. She plays them at school, completely humiliating Chyna. Chyna contemplates leaving Webster High, but she's not going to give Lexi that satisfaction. Meanwhile, Fletcher, Olive, and Angus go to a roller disco, and go on a quest to bring back the '70s.


"The VacANT Room"
June 8, 2012
Chyna, Olive, Fletcher, Cameron, Lexi, Angus, and Paisley all find an old, abandoned room at school. When they go into the room, Chyna, Olive, and Lexi lose interest and leave. But, Fletcher, Cameron, and Angus have other plans... Meanwhile, the girls to a beauty parlor, but end up getting held up because of a extremely long flashmob.


"The A.N.T. Games"
June 15, 2012
The ANTs compete in a year-round competition with other ANT programs in the USA. They match against South Waterview High School which Chyna finds out her old enemy, Lynette goes to. The ANTs meet their old rivals: Olive meets Grace, Fletcher meets Ryan, and Angus meets Logan. Meanwhile, Lexi gets the job hosting the ANT Games.


"The AbberANT One"
July 22, 2012
A new A.N.T (Jason) arrives and seems really abnormal. When Olive gets paired up with him for a project she discovers why he acts that way and developes feelings for him. Meanwhile, Fletcher and Chyna try to figure out why Olive has been acting weird.


"The Unfair AdvANTage"
July 29, 2012
When the history teacher has an accident the long term subsitute plays favorites on Olive and is mean to everyone else, Chyna and Fletcher confront Olive. Meanwhile, Cameron and Lexi try to get better grades.

Season 3:2012-TBA


August 5,2012
When Gibson gets sick, the cantankerous Principal Skidmore takes over at the ANT Farm. Meanwhille, Lexi and Paisley get held up at the beauty parlor.


"TV ManiANTs"
August 12,2012
Chyna celebrates being in the A.N.T. Program for a year. Meanwhile, Olive and Lexi vie for a spot in a commercial. In the third plot, Fletcher and Angus both try to date the same girl.


August 12,2012
Mr. Zimbaldi, the drama teacher, gets his big break on Broadway. With him gone Principal Skidmore has to cancel the class. So Chyna goes out to find a new drama teacher. After days and days of looking for a new teacher, a woman arrives asking for a job and she gets to be the drama teacher because she has acting experience.