differANT worlds is an upcoming episode of A.N.T. Farm.

Overview Edit

Different dimensions, each with their own Chyna, Fletcher, and everyone else, are shown including the Cartoon Universe, the Mideival Universe, and the Black and White Universe. Meanwhile, the ANTs talk about their past.

Synopsis Edit

Act 1 & 2 Edit

Chyna walks into the ANT Farm, while Olive is sad. Chyna asks what's wrong and Olive tells her about her past. Gibson gets bored and a green fast forward button appears at the bottom of the screen. It goes so fast that it goes to the Cartoon Universe. Cartoon Chyna walks in and tells her dad that she is excited. Cartoon Cameron is angry and grabs a hammer, but the dad takes it away before he can smash Chyna. Lexi asks what Chyna is doing, and Chyna gets scared and runs into the ANT Farm.

Prince Gibsalot welcomes Chyna to the ANT Farm, and Chyna says that she isn't new. Princess Olivebeth The Third, which Chyna just calls Olivabeth, says she is sad. She says that she got a -1 on her spelling test and complains that letters do not exist yet. Prince Gibsalot gets bored on tells them about his past with Sophie the Black Knight, besides their horrible break up. Chyna grabs her harp and plays a song called "Mid-Exceptional", a Mideival version of the theme song.

In the Black and White Universe, Chyna talks but no words come out. A black screen then shows that she said "Hey, Gibson, let me play a song for you!" And then the lyrics to "Exceptional" come on another black screen. Chyna says that it is the black and white universe, not the speechless universe and can talk again.

Switching back to the normal universe, the theme song plays.

Violet comes and asks what's going on. Fletcher walks in and runs away screaming. Violet pulls him back in, and everybody says that Gibson is sharing his past. Violet asks who Gibson is and the ANTs look at her, and think she is a football player. She says her name is Violet and she is an ANT that transferred from Washington D.C. Waddler High (The mascot was Penny the Penguin) in the T.I.C.K. (Talented Intellegent Creative Kids) program. She said that she had met them before.

In the Magiverse, Proffesor Dumbleskidmore speaks through the loud speaker and says that football tryouts are today. Meanwhile, Olive Wood asks who she is, and Fletcheron Weasley asks Olive if she has photographic memory or not. She starts acting crazy and asks Crazy-Guy Gibson to scan her brain. She then holds up two posters that look exactly the same of her brain. Then she realises that she had an odd potion that made her forget the thing she was currently thinking about. She drinks another potion and she remembers.

A place that looks exactly like the normal universe is shown, but is then tilted upside-down. Chyna goes outside and finds a note to her that fell out of someone's pocket. She grabs it. It says that someone wants to go out with her. She then jumps up and falls into the normal universe.


Act 3 & 4 Edit

Both Chynas scream. Olive then realises that the universes are colliding and the events of time are mixing up in each universe. All the other Chynas come to the normal universe. Cartoon Fletcher then walks in, and Black and White Principal Skidmore does too. The rest of the Fletchers and Skidmores come in.

The other-universe clones jump into their normal-universe counterparts, making them all giants. Everyone is a giant except for Olive. She transports to a new universe, the Oliverse where all the Olives went. She then becomes a giant.

Transporting back to the normal world, a dragon from the Mideival universe is there. All the giants except for Lexi, Cameron, the ANTs, and everyone else from ANT Farm is normal again. The giants attack the dragon.

Everyone else is back to normal, their clones in their own universes, except for Fletcher. Fletcher throws the dragon and kisses Chyna. Each clone goes back to their own universe.

Everyone from the normal universe talks about their pasts.

Fletcher wakes up and says it was a horrible dream except for when he kissed Chyna. It is then revealed he was dreaming the whole time.

Memorable Quotes Edit

Olive: Oh no! On my spelling test I got a -1!

Chyna: Olive, it's not THAT bad!

Olive: Yes it is! Letters don't even exist yet!

Trivia Edit

  • This is a 1 hour special.