Folive PhilANThropy

Olive when she realizes that Fletcher likes her.

AberrANT is the 4th episode of Season 3.


Fletcher finally realizes that Chyna will never like him as more than a friend, so he decides to find someone else. Somehow, he develops a huge crush on Olive. When Olive realizes this, she tells Chyna and Chyna gets jealous. Angus gets angry that Fletcher is trying to steal "His Girl." Meanwhile, Cameron cleans out Lexi's locker for extra money. As a third plot, Angus hacks an airport and gets tickets for the whole A.N.T Farm to go to Philadelphia.


Paisly Houndstooth is absent in this episode.

This episode is a Folive/Flyna/Angive.

Aberrant means to stray away from what's normal.